December 16, 2016

How winter photography sessions can be awesome (especially in New England)

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I feel a little hypocritical writing this because anyone who knows me is aware that winter is not my favorite time of year. I have three bathrobes on rotation and live almost exclusively in the bathtub, only moving when I need a hot water refill. I even have a giant hamster bottle of hot chocolate hanging on my wall (I’m lying, but someone needs to start a Kickstarter project for it).
Despite all this, late fall into winter has become one of my favorite times for photography. Because I have fewer weddings I usually have more time for personal projects, which is always a good way to keep creative until the busy warm seasons.

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Winter has a different sort of mood and light. I love cloudy winter days when the sky is white and ready to release its snowy rage! This kind of light has a quality that makes your skin glow, and everything around you look sort of ethereal. It’s awesome for portraits. If you’re the kind of couple or family who likes a bit of moodiness, winter might be a perfect time for your shoot. I don’t know about you, but winter makes me more introspective and quiet, and this can be a beautiful thing in photography. In fact, my husband and I got our engagement photos taken in the winter and aside from the images being really atmospheric, I remember the day well because of how calm and quiet it was outside. Also, you can wear a blanket and/or a cape which is always a plus.
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Bare branches and frost are so dramatic in photographs, and don’t even get me started on snow. So many options for creating cool images here with interesting negative space, shapes, and angsty branches. Winter is the edgy little sister of spring.
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When the weather is nice it seems like a shame to stay inside, so the default is to shoot outside. I love shooting outdoors, but in-home sessions can be amazing in their own right. Having your session in your home is personal, intimate and comfortable. Most people have a natural ease when they’re in their own environment, and I find that it comes across in the images.
Documentary family photography sessions in Connecticut / Parenthesis Photography
If you don’t want to shoot at home, winter gives more of an incentive to get creative with indoor locations. There’s the aquarium, museum, your favorite coffee shop or bakery. There’s room to add personalization to your session, so your images will be super unique.
So what else can you do to help make your winter session great?
1. Leave the puffy coat at home and opt for layers instead. Wool, faux fur or leather jackets, scarves, sweaters with texture, they all look great in photos. Puffy jackets tend to kind of take over an image.
2. If we’re shooting outside, make sure to tell me if you’re getting cold! We can take breaks.
3. If we’re shooting in your home, make sure it’s somewhat tidy so there isn’t a lot of distraction in the background of your photos.
4. Don’t be afraid to suggest something a little weird in terms of location! I’m always up for new ideas.
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