March 23, 2015

Melanie Gaydos Model / New York Photographer


Lavinia, with model Melanie Gaydos

I art directed and shot this art shoot with Melanie Gaydos, model, which was later featured in Riven Magazine. The inspiration for the shoot came from Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus. I knew Melanie would be the perfect model to bring this shoot to life – she is a pretty magical and talented model who has gone on to do some great things. I shot these photos on both digital and 120mm film. This photoshoot took place in Central Park, New York, in the north woods section.
Melanie Gaydos Model Fashion Photography
Melanie Gaydos Parenthesis Photography
Fashion Photography Melanie Gaydos
Fashion Photo Melanie Gaydos
Melanie Gaydos Photos
Melanie Gaydos Photo