February 1, 2017

Unique engagement photo locations and ideas in New York and Connecticut

Fine art engagement photography Connecticut and New York / Parenthesis Photography

Amy and Chris are super romantic and are also bibliophiles, so we found an epic spot overlooking a valley in Connecticut, and incorporated vintage books. You can see their full shoot by clicking the photo above.


Engagement sessions are awesome because they give you an opportunity to incorporate your personalities and interests, and really capture what you’re all about. Typically these types of shoots are more flexible than your wedding portrait session. We have more time, things are a bit calmer, and there’s nothing to distract you like there is on your wedding day. And no, they definitely don’t have to be cheesy. I’ll be writing a post soon about the benefits of doing an engagement shoot, but for now I thought it would be fun to share some inspiration for couples looking for cool ideas and locations in Connecticut and NYC for their engagement shoots.


Cool engagement photo ideas Connecticut and New York
This one is pretty easy. All it entails is you staying in your PJs and doing whatever you guys usually like to in the mornings. Nap, make pancakes, whatever. This is something I always thought would be fun, especially if you like being quiet at home together on the weekends sometimes like my husband and I do.


Documentary Wedding Photography Fairfield CountyWhat about a Comic-Con or a Renaissance Faire engagement shoot? You get to dress up and there are always interesting people around.


Unique engagement session ideas / Parenthesis PhotographyI always thought it would be fun to do a session walking through Chinatown or Little Italy in New York. I love shooting in the city, and if you’re foodies or just like wandering, this could be perfect for you.


Cool engagement photo ideas Connecticut and New York Call me crazy but I think the Staten Island Ferry would be kind of cool for a spring or summer shoot. You could bring a little picnic and just hang out and enjoy the views. Wind-in-the-hair is also great for dynamic images.


Documentary engagement photography Westport ConnecticutThere are lots of offbeat locations and funky museums in New York and Connecticut (we’d just have to check and make sure they allow photography). If you like history or science we could go to the Museum of Natural History, the Met, or even one of these weird museums. And theres always the Bronx Zoo!


Engagement photos Connecticut

Julia and Theo love alpacas, so I found them an alpaca farm. It was awesome. Check out their photos by clicking the photo.


Cool engagement photo ideas Connecticut and New York wedding photography How about we shoot in a lake? We could bring a canoe and shoot some seriously beautiful, artistic sunset or sunrise photos swimming in the water.


Cool engagement photo ideas Fairfield County Connecticut Although I sadly can’t go on the spinny rides like I did as a kid, I still love amusement parks. Playland in Rye, NY and Coney Island in Brooklyn are two old school options (seriously, the rides at Playland are rickety).


Destination wedding photography

Ashley and Jacob in a Yurt, hiding from those crazy St. Thomas mosquitos


Cool photoshoot locations in Connecticut and New York / Documentary wedding photographyYou know what else would be cool? Setting up a campsite with a fire at sunset and shooting you guys making s’mores. There’s a plethora of camping spots in New York and Connecticut. You could even rent a cabin and make a weekend of it, and I’ll sleep in a sleeping bag next to you (Jk. unless you want to invite me…)


Cool photoshoot locations in Connecticut and New YorkI love hiking and you can’t beat a really cool view. There are sooo many places in Connecticut and New York with great hikes so it seems almost silly to try and list them, but off the top of my head in Connecticut there is Sleeping Giant, Devil’s Den Nature Preserve, Lover’s Leap State Park, and Castle Craig, just to start.


Cool photoshoot locations in Connecticut and New YorkHow about shooting in your neighborhood and stopping in at your favorite places? This would be super personal because we’d be documenting a snippet of your life and home.


Engagement photos New York

Randall’s Island Park has special meaning to Jen and Hari, so we did their engagement session there. Click photo to see their shoot!