December 17, 2020

Jess + Jesse | Connecticut Backyard Wedding Photos

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It’s no secret that I have a soft-spot for backyard weddings–and I also have a soft-spot for these two people.

Like so many 2020 couples, Jess and Jesse had to move their spring wedding date to later in the summer. I was in close contact via email and instagram with them throughout the planning process. As their new date got closer, it seemed that they’d have to scale down in addition to moving their date. They handled it all with such good humor and positivity.

The day ended up being so relaxed and fun. They ate BBQ, got to hang out around the fire outside, and change into comfy clothes for the reception. I hope that weddings like theirs can provide some inspiration for couples scaling down. Even if it won’t be a requirement in the future, I think it’s something that more people are considering just as a preference. It takes some of the pressure off and really allows everyone to slow down and enjoy the day more. Couples secretly tell me all the time that they want to elope or just have something very small and casual. I think this year will make that more of a norm–which I very much support.

DJ: Christie at Power Station Events | Bridesmaids’ dresses: Birdy Grey | Officiant: Thomas Portelance | Catering: Smokehaus BBQ

Connecticut backyard wedding photos


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